Below are some example requests for common flows that you may find yourself trying to test.

Checkout Flow Example

Ensure new customers can successfully place orders with our simple checkout test.

1walrus -a YOUR_API_TOKEN -u https://amazon.com -i \
2 'Add items to your shopping cart' \
3 'Open your cart' \
4 'Proceed to checkout' \
5 'Add an address' \
6 'Add a payment method' \
7 'Select a shipping method' \
8 'Place the order' \
9 'In the order confirmation page, click on "cancel order"' \

Two-Factor Authentication Example

Thanks to the combination of AI and human verification, walrus.ai tests are able to verify login flows even if they contain two-factor authentication.

1walrus -a YOUR_API_TOKEN -u https://amazon.com -i \
2 'Click login' \
3 'Sign in with Google' \
4 'Enter your phone number when prompted' \
5 'When you receive a code, enter that code in the field' \
6 'Make sure the code lets you continue'

Signup with CAPTCHA Example

Traditional end-to-end tests require bespoke commands to handle CAPTCHAs (intended to prevent automation!) With walrus.ai, just add a one-line sentence.

1walrus -a YOUR_API_TOKEN -u https://amazon.com -i \
2 'Click Sign Up' \
3 'Sign up with an arbitrary email and password' \
4 'When prompted with "Are you a robot?", follow the instructions' \
5 'Make sure you can continue to the "Welcome" screen'