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Within the 5-minute SLA, Walrus will respond to your request with the final results in JSON format. This will even include a link to the screen recording of your test being run.

success: booleanFlag representing whether or not the test was successful.
data: object stringThe URL of the screen recording.
name: string (nullable)The string name specified on test creation (if specified.)
error: string (nullable)An optional, human-readable string describing what went wrong in the case of an error.
2 "success": true,
3 "data": {
4 "video": ""
5 }

Error Codes

When something goes wrong in your test, Walrus will return a pre-defined error code. These error codes and their respective causes are outlined below.

429You've exceeded the maximum number of requests for the current time period.
422The request body was malformed or unreadable.
417An expectation in the test itself was not met.
402Your five free test runs have been used, and payment is required.
404The specified site URL did not exist.
400Unexpected server error.